Celebration Exotic Car Festival named one of the 5 Best Exotic Car Shows in the World!

Concours of Exotic Cars in Downtown Celebration

Saturday April 13th, 10:00am-4:00pm

Celebrities Attending and Movie Cars on Display


Free Admission


Regular registration
(thru March 29, 2013)
$50 per car


Late registration
(after March 29, 2013)
$65 per car
Included with VIP Weekend Event Packages
Get up close to 250 of the world's most exotic cars, race cars and Hollywood movie cars, all lined up for concours judging along Celebration's spectacular lakefront promenade in this premier concours event. Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Lotus, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Spyker, Saleen, McLaren, Pantera, DeLorean, and other ultra-exotic marquees will be displayed and judged, culminating with an awards presentation starting at 3pm, where the owners will drive their winning cars across the red carpet to receive their trophy!
Your car will be judged against national concours standards competing for Class Trophies and the coveted Best of Show. Winning cars will be directed to the awards presentation starting at 3pm, where you will be able to drive your car across the red carpet in the center of town to receive your trophy.

April 12th
All Day
Car wash area will be available adjacent to the Celebration Hotel

24 hours security in the downtown Celebration area begins

Event registration at the Celebration Hotel

Early placement of cars on the concours field (please see a CECF team member for direction)

Trailers may not be parked or left in the downtown Celebration area.
Trailer parking is provided at 215 Celebration Blvd., approximately 1/2 mile from the concours field.
April 13th
Arrival, registration and placement of cars on the concours field for those cars that were not placed on Friday. Please arrive with your car at the corner of Celebration Ave. and Market St., adjacent to Bank of America.

Concours judging begins. All cars more than 5 years old are eligible to be judged. Newer cars may enter as Display Only. Please indicate your desire to participate in the judging on the registration form. You or your representative must be present with your car during the judging.

Class trophy awards presentation begins. Please be near your car at 3pm. Winners will be staged and directed to the awards presentation area by CECF team members.

Exotic car line up for police escort (at normal highway speeds) to the Food & Wine Party. Cars will depart promptly at 7pm. YOU MUST PREREGISTER AND HAVE A DISPLAY PASS IN YOUR WINDSHIELD FOR YOUR EXOTIC CAR TO BE ON DISPLAY AT THE FOOD AND WINE EVENT, otherwise you must use valet at the Portofino. Exotic cars returning to Celebration after the Food & Wine party may park their car on Market Street (the brick street.)

All remaining concours cars must be left on Market Street (the brick street) or otherwise legally parked by 7pm.

Please do not leave your car parked illegally after 7pm, as it will be subject to ticketing and/or towing.
April 14th
Until 3pm
Concours cars may be left on Market Street. 24 hours security ends at 3pm on Sunday.

Rally Cars
Rally driver and navigator meeting at Cafe D'Antonios in Celebration

Rally departs Celebration. Rally will conclude back in Celebration at 1pm. Rally cars may be placed back on Market Street.

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